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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Black Women

Since everyone else has already posted about Satoshi Kanezawa's racist, pseudo-scientific garbage, I would just like to highlight The Angry Black Women's awesome series featuring Beautiful Black Women of the world.

As of this posting, the (ongoing?)* list includes

singer-songwriter, Tammi Terrellactress, Salli Richardson (fan-girl SQUEEEE!!!)

actress and producer, Angela Bassett

actress, Zezé Motta

*ABW has decided to continue this series for the rest of the week. She also suggested nominating "real world" (not models and actresses) Black women. So, I would like to nominate two Beautiful Black Women that are very close to my heart: my nieces, Sienna (left) and Shamari.


Anonymous said...

They are too sweet!
Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Especially the wee one in the onesie!