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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For Brianna and Every Other Little Girl in the Same Situation


I am so proud of this girl:

Brianna said that there was this kid about nine or ten years old at camp, Michael, who had been bugging her all week. She said that it began with hits and pinches, pokes and staring. The usual bullshit that I think most kids are exposed to. But, she said that his behavior escalated. That Michael began saying things about her growing breasts and her ass — and that when she spoke to her group leader (an adult), she simply told Brianna to “Tell him to stop it.” No action was taken by this adult...On the last day of camp, as the kids piled onto a bus to come back into the city, the harassment resumed. This time, Michael decided that he was going to touch the parts he’d been commenting on. Brianna warned him, shoved him away and told this same adult — who was supervising this bus trip — what happened. The woman told Michael to leave her alone, and did nothing else. Brianna told this woman, “I’m gonna beat him up if he touches my chest again.”

He did it again; she socked him square in the face. The group leader rushed to this boy’s aid and called the police, citing Brianna’s age and size as reasons why she should not have hit Michael. The adult had the bus driver pull over, and she called the fucking cops. On a thirteen-year-old who acted in her own defense. Thankfully, the police never came. But: this woman did not follow camp procedure (no incident report, she did not contact Brianna’s mother or the other child’s primary caregiver). She called the fucking police. Who, thankfully, never came.

Bitch needs to lose her job over this. Yes, I called her a bitch and I don't really give a fuck. She stood by and did NOTHING while a child was being sexually harassed and assaulted. And then had the damn nerve to call the police when she defended herself. I'll say it again: Bitch needs to lose her job.

The title of that post is called "I Don't Have a Title for This; I'm Too Busy Being Angry." It was written by one of Brianna's co-parents. Please click on the link above to show your support.



I sure hope the parents re taking action!

RayRa said...

It's messed up how our world is. this happens alot to womyn where womyn are blamed for the faults of men. I suggest that the lady acted out of internalized sexism and perhaps racism herself. SMDH. When I reported sexual violence, thankfully the lady took my side. Too often we womyn have a "I endured it, so can you" mentality. We should not fail our daughters. Read my blog on

Mars said...

Damn. Institutions fail our daughters and the girls around us so much - then throw their hands up in the air when our kids grow up handling matters differently than expected.

I send love to this girl, and to whomever taught her right! Yes. DO tell a grown-up. DO be honest and open about how you feel and what happened. And hell yeah, DO defend yourself when no one around seems to realize how precious you and your spirit are.